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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Councillors' replies to the petition

Emails, petitions and links to the blog sent to all KCC Councillors for Thanet and Canterbury Districts, and all CCC and TDC Councillors.

4 added their signatures:
Jean Law (KCC & CCC, Con, Herne Bay) "Add my name to the petition please as I do not agree with any of these night flights."
David Hirst (KCC, Con, Herne Bay) "I am pleased to hear of your initiative. Please add my name."
Alan Poole (KCC, Lab, Ramsgate) "I’m totally against night flights (flights between 23:00 and 07:00). I believe they are unnecessary and should not be allowed. 16 hours a day is quite enough."
Ann Taylor (CCC, Con, Reculver) supports, signed and will be promoting the petition at her grand-daughter's school. Excellent.

2 abstentions:
Ken Gregory (TDC, Con, St Peters) "Sorry, but as chair of planning it would be wrong of me , much as any other member of planning, to pre judge this issue."
Alasdair Bruce (TDC, Con, Birchington South) "Thank you for writting to me with your concerns. As you might know that I am one of four councillors who sit on the airport working group and are currently working towards the formation of a new 106 agreement. Let me assure you that full public consultation will be engaged in prior to any announcement and that this process will be happening soon. I am sure this will be published in the local media. It is vital that a full and balanced view is sought by the four of us before any new agrement is discussed with the airport owners. Let me personally assure you that we will endeavour to secure the best outcome for all concerned."

1 wonderer:
Michael Jarvis (TDC, Con, Dane Valley) "Thank you for your email. I have two questions: What is the current situation with Gatwick? and how would you handle delay flights from holiday destinations arriving in the UK during that night time period?"

No responses supporting night flights.

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