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Monday, 4 October 2010

Manston Noise Assessment - a series of errors

Some of the more observant members of our team here at No Night Flights towers have been reviewing the Noise Assessment Report from Bickerdike Allen Partners. They have provided me with a detailed report which highlights issues such as presented on it, including seriously underestimating the numbers of dwellings that will be affected.

They have come up with the following observations:

  • "The consultants report assumes that residents will sleep with closed windows"
  • "I note that the consultant fails to mention the "half quota" counting of westerly departures and easterly arrivals claimed in the proposed Night Noise Policy. I doubt they would approve having stated that the QC system is "successfully deployed at many major UK airports including Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Manchester, Bristol and others". Incidentally, there is no justification for this claim - the only part of the LHR, LGW and STN controls which could possibly be deemed successful is the limit on the total number of movements during the QC period which was successfully defended in the house of Lords when the government tried to abolish it."
  • "They mention on page 3 that "it is generally accepted that the most sensitive time for people....from recent during the hours of 0100 to 0600"."
  • "On page 4 they state that "...One of the conclusions ...was that once asleep very few people living near airports are at any risk of any sleep disturbance due to aircraft noise"".
  • "This means either the earlier night period wakes people up and stops them getting off to sleep or it doesn't. You can't argue both ways".
  • Bickerdike Allen have stated that SEL stands for "Single Event Level". Incorrect. It stands for "Sound Exposure Level" (CAA CAP725).
Onto the night time flying policy itself...

  • "The suggestion that quota count scores be halved for departures in a westerly direction. What happens, for example, if/when development west of the airport occurs? This is absolutely NOT how the QC system was designed to work."
  • "There needs to be a clause added to stop any carryover of unused quota from one year to the next."
  • "Seeing as the Council and Infratil are still working with Planestation's S106 agreement and always refer back to problems with this not being their agreement, there should be a clause mandating a negotiation of a new S106 and night time flying policy if the airport were ever to change hands. "
  • "The suggestion that Westerly arrivals/departures in the night cost "half" the normal QC point would be unique amongst all UK airports. This is effectively allowing the airport a QC count of 2,990."

We have a full report which points out many technical errors - it will be interesting if TDC's Peer Review identifies them all. If any council officers, councillors, or Consultative Committee members would like a sneak preview, please feel free to ask.


stargazer said...

To say once asleep planes will not
wake one up is a lunatic type stetement,as when I was a lifeboatman living a mile from the harbour the two maroons fired to summon the crew would always wake me.
Ronald Blay.

Terence Kendall said...

This guy bickerdike is some sort of moron. First my wife and I sleep with at least one windom open for most of the year. All bedroom windows open during the summer months. To say we would not hear aircraft when we are asleep is nuts. The odd one that has flown over has woken us,get into the real world bickerdike.

Anonymous said...

The noise and the bright lights are really bad for everyone, deprivation of sleep causes many health problems, what worries me even more is the pollution levels already too high and endangering health, cancer, asthema, skin problems are already increasing all over Thanet, our whole future depends on controlling and stopping any further flights from Manston. The fuel the planes expel all over Thanet is destroying our arable land, it has now said to have contaminated our Natural Aquifer.
This is a seaside area, no holiday makers will want to stay in an area conjested with land traffic all day and kept awake by planes during the night.

Anonymous said...

So, he forgot to press the record button eh? BWAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

I work nights and have a baby and live on the flightplan TDC must not allow these nightflights to go ahead they are bad enough during the day. Sleep is a important part of everybodys daily routine and eveyone is entitled to the same respect