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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Our Children Speak.........

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you to discuss the potential night flights over Ramsgate, speaking on the behalf of all the children in Ramsgate (and other towns that will be affected by night flights).Although it may not seem like a major issue to some people, it is a concern to the locals, in particular the children.

If you were at the meeting at Chatham House, you will have heard all the points against night flights (from locals such as Sue Kennedy), and seen the huge crowd gathered to protest against Manston going ahead with their plans. I was surprised that there were five councillors missing, since this is a major debate.

Anyway, on to the points against night flights. Many of these were brought up during the course of the evening. Firstly, the harm that the noise can do to children. It has been scientifically proven that loud noises are not good for anyone, especially young children and babies. No one should be exposed to more than 50 decibels of noise (according to studies carried out by scientists) and young children and babies shouldn’t be exposed to more than 40 decibels. Yet 747’s sent from Manston can make 60-80 decibels of noise heard from Ramsgate and St. Peters. This is bad enough during the day, but the night time? It would be like sleeping through a tornado. It would be practically impossible.

According to research done by Cornell University, night flights will result in a drop in achievement of children at school. As everyone knows, children are the seeds of the future, and underachievement at school could result in disaster in 20-30 years’ time. Also, night flights will result in increasing health problems in the Isle of Thanet (source of information; World Health Organisation or WHO).

The people running the airport would argue that they could give people jobs. But would all of those jobs go to locals? No. In fact, an estimate of 16 local jobs has been predicted. Besides, Labour (who has recently sided against night flights) claimed that the promise of jobs ‘was merely an aspiration’.

Thank you for reading my letter on night flights.

Yours sincerely, Hal, aged 10. Ramsgate.


Anonymous said...

NO WAY was this letter written by a 10 year old, not without help anyway.

Anonymous said...

There are 10 year olds whose writing ability exceeds that of many adults, There are people with disabilities that need help with writing too. We all need help to prevent night flights threatening our safety and health. You may be right but have you considered the message?

Anonymous said...

Actually it is an extract by Adrian Mole from The Thanet Years. The library has a copy.

Anonymous said...

Let's make sure all our children can keep on writing letters of this quality.

Anonymous said...

I always get help to write letters from an 8 year old...why don't you watch the show. Thats not the Airport meetings or full council as that's like watching monkeys at play!! but on the later it is an improvisation on the well known TV show

Monkeys, play - and meetings is their a similarity there? I think their is and its called a zoo!!!!!