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Friday, 15 October 2010

Breaking News - Council are not "in cahoots" with Manston Airport

I can't understand what would make people think such a thing! Behold the front Page of "Around Kent, A magazine for the people of Kent. Your voice, Your services." Autumn Winter 2010.

And the Back Page of same edition of "Around Kent".

Is it wise for KCC, a key stakeholder in the public consultation, to take money from a company who is asking for a major change in the hours that they wish to operate?


EskimoPhil said...

Or perhaps Manston's advertising was free...

Stephen said...

Since I moved from London all I can hear are planes all night long, I think it could be sending me nuts

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

The local press is beginning to be saturated with lovely flight ads. Free public relations too for Infratil and TDC under the guise of stories by people who love planes and flying, and don't care about pollution, others health, or even what will happen when the oil runs out. They hear the word business but clearly don't understand the concept. They are happy for public money to subsidise the airport, but not the health service, indeed their selfishness will account for more people's ill-health.

TDC has not specified exactly what the consultation process is, and how our money is being spent. At present the Ramsgate Town Council doesn't seem to know what it is either or been consulted as our representatives, to scrutinise it. The insultingly short consultation period would infer that the money is being wasted and we'd be better off having a bloody great fireworks display, preferably at the airport. (Jobs for locals)
Our local MP too is being evasive about committing herself to no night flights. What questions has she asked of Ministers? etc, etc....................................
PS Did Bob Bayford really write that story himself?

Anonymous said...

Living under a flight path 'can increase your risk of heart attack'
Living under a flight path increases the chances of a heart attack, a study from Bern University
suggests. It says the constant noise from roaring aircraft engines overhead increases the risk by at
least 30% - probably by raising stress levels, disrupting sleep and
triggering high blood pressure. The effect was especially evident for
people who were exposed to really high levels of noise, and was
dependent on how long those people had lived in the noisy place. This
is a significant risk for the 240,000 Britons who, according to the EU,
endue an average daily noise of 60 decibels from jets – equivalent of a
crowded, noisy bar. The study is helpful as it reveals that the sound of
the planes – and not just the air pollution from engines – is potentially deadly. Researchers looked at
15,532 heart attack deaths among 4.6 million Swiss residents between late 2000 and the end of 2005
using detailed information from an ongoing mortality study called the Swiss National Cohort.
12.10.2010. More details of the study, and information on other studies on health and noise at
MIT study finds aircraft emissions at cruise altitude
This I found on airport watch an expert opinion.

Anonymous said...

"Since I moved from London all I can hear are planes all night long, I think it could be sending me nuts"
well they aren't Manston ones so don't blame them!