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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Political Posturing on Night Flights

'Dr' Simon Moores started things this morning with the question "Thanet Labour Disqualified from Taking Part in Manston Night Flight Decision?"

Playing on the total confusion around the subject of predetermination rules, our Simes suggests that the airport night flight decision is a "planning-related matter". Labour councillors, by rejecting the "current" application just as Bob Bayford did yesterday, seem to have pre-judged a planning matter publicly.

"Utter b&ll$cks", said our political/legal/planning expert. "The airport has no planning permission, and Bob Bayford keeps reminding us that he is only consulting the public out of the kindness of his own heart."

Uncle Bob Bayford weighs in late on Tuesday with a "open letter" to the Labour leader Clive Hart to ask if his party is now one of ''total opposition to 'any' night time flying activity at Manston Airport".

As much as we would like Conservative or Labour to reject them outright, neither party has. You only have to read Labour's Press Release or the Council Press Release to understand that . May I suggest that all political parties put their dummies back in their mouths, put the teddies back in the pram and read everything again. Carefully.

Just to dwell on Bob Bayford's position - "I also believe that the proposed upper level of activity is too high and needs to be reconsidered. I am not prepared to start a public consultation until these issues have been resolved."

May we suggest, Uncle Bob, that this quite clearly states that you will pre-determine an acceptable level of night time flying activity - acceptable to you, that is - before allowing an Infratil night time flying policy to go to public consultation?

Answers on a postcard please as to what rules, laws, bodies Bob is putting himself in contradiction/conflict with.

One final point to all Councillors. No Night Flights is non-party political. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green - not fussed which party you come from. We support the right of a full night's sleep, every night, to East Kent's residents. We support a successful Manston which operates as much business as it can during more sociable hours - as many successful airport across the country do. Oh, and 24,000 people so far have shown an interest in where you live in relation to the flightpath. 

Sleep tight - while you can.


Anonymous said...

What came first...the decision to reject Infratil's application by the Tory group, or the Labour group's decision to reject Infratil's application for night flights. Common sense, or calculation of the outcome of the full council vote!

Anonymous said...

Sadly this is one situation where political colour does count. Some addressing of the imbalance relating specifically to this issue can only be achieved if there are no night flight candidates elected to Thanet District Council. There are many other colours that can be selected for the NNF insignia ;-)

NNF said...

What a jolly good idea 11.06pm...,.

craig under the flightpath said...

Yes, we need a NNF candidate. Probably best to think of a catchier acronym though to avoid press typos.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How about proposing the formula that if you live on the flight path the airport owners pay your council tax. Using the SEL noise footprints of the worst aircraft that is allowed to land to define who would have this concession. If the airport operators and council are convinced the projected business projections are correct, then the cost of will easily be covered.

When the loudest aircraft using Manston is a solar powered airship, the concession will cease.

NNF said...

SEL - single event levels. Certain airports give money towards insulation schemes with certain noise footprints.

I wonder what would happen if you compared areas covered by noise insulation schemes at other airports with manston and it surrounding areas.........