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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Ramsgate Town Council consultation

At the Ramsgate Town Council meeting this coming Wednesday 6th October at 7pm, Cllr David Green is going to be asking the council how best they can consult (separately, it seems, from TDC) with people in Ramsgate.

Venue: The Council Chamber, The Custom House, Harbour Parade, Ramsgate.

As we know, many of 'our' councillors appear in favour of the proposal. Councillors Jill Kirby and Brenda Rogers claimed overwhelming support for night flights following their own consultation with residents in Nethercourt 18 months ago, but when pressed, admitted that the survey had not been exhaustive but a good sample had been taken!

It would be good for Ramsgate Town Council to get a good feel for the opposition to the proposal and so we need a fair crowd. If RTC end up throwing their weight (bantam though it be) behind the proposal, it will make it harder still for us. Cllr Green is happy for questions to be submitted in advance as well as taking them on the evening. Questions can be emailed to them from their WEBSITE.

If they are, in fact, still making up their collective mind as to what they think of the proposed new night flight policy, this is the best possible time to tell them what you think - you might even tip the balance! And if you've got any ideas about how they can best run an effective consultation, do let them know.


Anonymous said...

Of course those people who want a thriving airport are also welcome to attend.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with a thriving airport, provided it doesn't seriously affect the health of the populations living under the flight paths, especially children and the vulnerable, damage the structures of heritage architecture, blight property prices in Ramsgate and Herne Bay. Further blight an area that visitors choose to come to because it's quiet and by the sea. Operated by a company whose share prices are plummeting and an industry that is in decline, because of rising fuel costs. That it has a radar system that works, which it doesn't....etc.etc.. I'm fed up with people talking-up airport expansion who appear to not grasp the basic issues and are happy to be deluded by fairy stories rather than facts! Don't start moaning when it all goes tits up!

Anonymous said...

Of course those who would like a "thriving" airport are welcome to buy my house which is directly under the flightpath, let's hope the increase in environmental pollution (including noise) doesn't negatively effect them or their families!!