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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Calling All Whistleblowers

If TDC decide to give Infratil the night flights they've asked for, it'll have a significant impact on the everyday lives of all of us under the flight path.

The elected representatives taking that decision should be as transparent as possible about the factors they are taking into account.

Some of you have already offered us interesting and valuable insider insights into what's really going on - keep 'em coming!

If you think you know something about Infratil's or TDC's plans that the wider public should know, tell us. We respect our sources' request to keep names confidential.

Alternatively, share what you know with the statutory consultative body responsible for issues between the airport and the community, KIACC.

Please contact us at


Cllr. Mike Harrison said...

From your statement "interesting and valuable insider insights into what's really going on"
I suppose you mean allegations of brown envelopes, free flights etc, etc,
if you have any actual EVIDENCE rather than rumour and innuendo pass it on to the proper authority,,,THE POLICE.
Or if you think have any knowledge about Infratils plans that are not contained in The Application pass them on to me.
While KIACC are a Statutory Body they have no powers and act purely as a conduit between the Public and airport.

Mr. Earplugs said...

Oh dear, the phrase "brown envelopes" makes its unwelcome first appearance on this site.

Rest assured that the moment we have firm evidence of "brown envelopes" or the like, we'll be on the blower to Inspector Knacker of the Yard quicker than you can say "judicial review".

Innuendo is not our style, we much prefer FACTS. Interestingly, rumours and leaks can turn out to be facts - e.g. Annual Quota Count Total of 1,995.

FACT: the S106 agreement exists to protect the interests of the wider public (electorate and kids alike).

FACT: every private operator of Manston airport has brazenly flouted the terms of the S106.

FACT: year after year, TDC has shamefully failed to enforce the S106.

Hopefully you'll accept that there is ample evidence for these facts.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Something to hide?

puffinman said...

You seem to have hit a raw nerve there !!
Keep up the good work, most people are fed up of things being passed with just a nod & a wink !!

Anonymous said...

shame on all the people trying to get this soted and instigated to have yet more flights from Manston. It is already causing danger to our health, the CO2 levels are dagerously high, cancer is on the increase and sleep deprivation is threatened to be even worse and the Natural Aquifer is already tainted with all the pollution in the atmoshere, it will not get better only get worse. We must stop this NOW.

craig under the flightpath said...

I always smile when I see Councillors trying to justify expansion based on demand for flights that are being sold for less than £25.
I would argue that if you sell anything cheap enough there will be demand for it.
Anyone like to buy one of my 10p snail flavoured ice lollies?

Anonymous said...

Cllr Harrison quite rightly seeks facts. Here are some.

That nice Mr Carter at Kent Complacent Council generously gave Infratil a free PR slot at the public meeting of the Thanet Local Board. Has any other business been given this opportunity? If so, do let me know.

TDC is reliant on Infratil to deliver regeneration for Thanet - look at the Local Plan. Of course, Manston has lost 3 different owners millions of pounds over the last ten years, so, as an "engine of regeneration", I wouldn't bet on it being the fairy godmother that TDC hopes. The airport's CEO says that Manston will not develop as a passenger airport until it has enough cargo business to pay the bills. Cargo airports produce very few jobs in relation to passenger airports. The implication of all this is that we'll get a night freight airport that delivers a tiny number of jobs and kills the tourist trade in east Kent for good.

There's plenty of research publicly available to back up these conclusions. Here's where I run out of facts and am looking for answers. Why can't TDC see that backing the airport at the cost of public health, jobs and regeneration of the tourist industry is an extraordinarily poor commercial decision? What is it that is blinding so many (not all) TDC councillors to the facts? Why are they so beguiled by Infratil's promises when so little has been delivered for so long by the airport? Look at Buchanan's record at London City - permission for a 50% increase in flights squeezed out of the local council on the promise of more jobs...of which a fraction have been delivered. Infratil and Buchanan - is this the track record to which we want to entrust Thanet's regeneration?

Andrew said...

I note that Cllr Harrison, having implied that we're all out to smear him and his colleagues, hasn't been able to reply to the further comments, presumably because they're true and hence facts.

Typical politician - it's the masses wot's wrong.The whole crooked bunch of them need deposing next May. We need to start thinking about fielding anti night flights candidates at the election - that's the only way that we'll get the issue on to the agenda and properly debated.

DJ said...

It's no surprise that Roger Gale has changed his view because;
1. He's a politician
2. Politicians have no principles

The facts are that night flights will cause huge problems for thousands of people. The benefits are virtually non-existent except to the owners of manston and the airline concerned.

If this gets approval we can quite easily shut the aisrport down. There are thousands of us affected and presumably we are all car owners. We can block all the roads in and out of Thanet at frequent intervals and when it is likely to cause the most problems. The French have managed it and it will be the way to go.