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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Woken in the small hours, 5th October.

Manston night flights over Ramsgate just after midnight and just before 3am. Do you think they'll be fined? Rebuked? Tutted at slightly?


Anonymous said...

This was an aid flight to somalia.. so a few seconds of your sleep was more important than lives!!! you sad git

NNF said...

Thank you for your explanation, but not the gratuitous insult.

Given your knowledge, I assume you work at Manston. Could you please tell us the operator and flight details?

Anonymous said...

An aid flight to somalia? Yeah, right, because you couldn't send an aid flight to Somalia before 11pm or after 7am.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Buchanan was in the paper last week confirming that there are up to 12 night-flights per month at Manston, and this is BEFORE they have permission to fly at night. I remember the old Section 52 Agreement which was drawn up when the terminal was built. It banned night-flights, full-stop. When TDC decided the replace the Section 52 with the 106 they told us that the new agreement offered better protection. I even had a letter from Dr. Ladyman in which he assured me of this. Yet we are now getting far more night-flights than we ever did. Looks like the people of Thanet were sold a lemon.