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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Labour denies Manston night flight U-turn

A "whipped" vote is an affront to democracy. Each councillor's first duty is to the residents of their ward, and if that conflicts with party policy, then the residents' interests should win every time.


Gerry said...

Ah but the trick is - what is the view of the electorate? The No Night Flighters imagine they constitute a majority of the electors of Ramsgate. They don't. I did a straw poll in one street, under the flight path, and not one registered a No Night Flights stance. They all want the airport to succeed.
I am now exposing the NNF (Sounds like a far right Austrian party - and from their behaviour, I may be right.)to the test of opposition.

A lot more people, Ramsgate people, are coming out in favour of the airport and allowing some Night Flights.

So the decision of the Ramsgate Labour Party, cringers almost to a man or woman, to imagine that the majority of Ramsgate people oppose the airport exposes them for what they are. Populists at any price. To VOTE against jobs at the airport is a cynical and paltry move of the 1st Magnitude. If David Green spent less time huffing and puffing after every bandwagon, he'd perhaps be a little more cerebral and little less Gung Ho. Has hell frozen over yet?

Cheap Flights said...

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