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Thursday, 12 January 2012

CPRE says night flights at Manston will not boost business

Quite the reverse in fact - the campaign group says night flights could actually damage Thanet’s economic growth...

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Anonymous said...

So, with Pfizer going, The UK economy shrinking, jobless at record levels, record number of people on benefits and no real change in the near future, where do you no sayers think jobs to east Kent are going to come from? You may want your rural England to stay rural but the cold hard facts of the day is that there needs to be someone willing to invest in the Thanet area for it not to become totally cut off from the rest of southeast England from an economical point of view. I say Manston should put itself forward as the new airport that is so crucially needed in the southeast of England to retain the business all these passengers attract. There is an enormous need for investment in east Kent, just take a look around e.g. Ramsgate and Margate, not exactly thriving, just imagine what could be done in this area with the creation of thousands of jobs. Let Manston grow, build a train station by the airport, let there be high speed trains directly to London in under an hour, extend the apron and the terminal area, the runway is already one of the longest in England, it's perfect for attracting the investment needed, forget about an airport in the Thames as suggested by the London mayor. If you are pro east Kent and want to see this area flourish as it once did, support Manston!! Don't be afraid of change, support Manston and you support the future of east Kent!