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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Thanet rejects Manston night flights

73% of voters said "No" to night flights. Next question: what will the councillors say?


Anonymous said...

Thanet rejects . . ???
I've read that about 2770 people responded, against was 73% ... which is about 1650 people. . . the current population of Thanet is about 129,000.
The main thing I'm getting from all this is the majority of Thanet don't care either way.

Anonymous said...

If TDC vote No Night Flights, could the last person to leave Ramsgate turn out the lights. Its time for pro nightflight not nimby down from London opinions.
Born in Ramsgate

747 said...

I can understand some people not wanting night flights,but not airport expansion.Manston could have expanded at anytime on the military or civilian side,So whos fault is it if you didnt take that into account when chooseing to live anywhere near an airport that has been there as long as Manston,and has a dirty great runway you cant exactly miss.No ones fooled by this just being about night flights as we all know that for several years now thanets moaners have been saying we dont want to close the airport down.maybe some dont,while outhers among them certainly do,by trying to put so many restrictions on it that it fails to produce the jobs we should all be seeking,These people have one advantage in that they stick together as a group while vast numbers of airport supporters just sit back and let the moaners beat them every wont stop at night flights.Not when The Old Manston Airport Group is still lurking around and dressing up as a clown right in there with these so called night flight protesters.I know all you anti airporters want to save us so why is it that most of you have the cheek to fly at all?Facts,figures who the hell do some of these anti everythink people think they are moving to places like Thanet and trying to stop just about anythink that would even try to put money into an area that has been poor so long its a wonder we are still on the map,Iv heard things like lazy unemployed,get a job etc directed at the unemployed and you know what.its more ofton than not coming out of the mouths of the ones who do there best to stop just about anythink that would produce those jobs,Maybe one day these people will produce the jobs to replace the ones they do there upmost to wreck but i doubt it,Yes i live in Ramsgate within hafe a mile of the airport .747

Mac McIntyre said...

2,275 of the Thanet population bothered to vote. This represents 2.1% of a total of approx 110,000.

1,661 voted against night flights, being 73% of all votes BUT ONLY 1.5% of the TOTAL POPULATION.

Anyone can distort statistics and reference to "73% of the people of Thanet voted against" is absolute