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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Video snippets from the RTC public meeting 25th October

Many thanks to our Multimedia Department (Outside Broadcast Unit) for the following video snippets...

Jobs Promised 8½ mins

Noise & Health 6½ mins

Worse health and education services? 2 mins

Follow the money 1½ mins

Impossible to land planes safely until NEXT November 2½ mins

Living Next to Noisy neighbours 2 mins

WRIT of MANDAMUS (A writ issued by a superior court ordering a public official or body or a lower court to perform a specified duty)

Our MPs’ views on Night Flights 1½ mins

Development & Public Safety Zones 3 mins

Previous Court Judgement about Planning Permission 5 mins

It makes all the difference, remembering to press the start button. Ahem.

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