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Friday, 25 May 2012

Night Flights vote

TDC listened, and said "No" - will Mr Buchanan get the message?


HSDEAL said...

Huge setback for the whole of East Kent it is a ridiculous decision. Thanet has been given huge road investment on the premise it was to develop Manston Airport for the good of East Kent and then they turn their back.

Thanet should be removed from eligibility of the Regional Growth Fund and the planned £10 million rail investment should be used to upgrade rail links to Sandwich, Deal, Dover and Folkestone where people want jobs.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary the money for the access road was for Pfizer who demanded better road infrastructure but now it's rather superfluous.

Anonymous said...

Time for the Police to investigate Infratil and the missing monitors, fines and banned overflights.

What a disgraceful shambles by KCC, TDC and the Environment Agency.

Restless in Ramsgate said...

HSDeal - on what basis do you think that night flights would have brought jobs to the area? This has been looked at, by an independent authority, and found wanting as an argument. There's simply no evidence to support it. Road and rail investment will support the whole of East Kent and, as pointed out above, had nothing to do with Manston. We all want jobs - but real ones - like the ones being created across the whole of the area in the tourism and leisure industries (check out the growth figures in local tourism) that would be in danger if night flights were allowed.